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About Mostly Medieval

Mostly Medieval first appeared online in July 1998, and through mid-2001 was hosted by a number of free servers, including Geocities and NBCI. In May 2001 the site was transferred to the webmaster's personal domain, In December 2007, was set aside for future projects and became the site's new, and logical, home.

  • Exploring the Middle Ages: The articles and information contained in Exploring the Middle Ages made up the entirety of Mostly Medieval from 1998 - 2000, and is the result of research undertaken prior to and continued during the writing of a novel set in 13th century Scotland. The novel has long since been shelved; the site lives on and continues to grow. Additions in progress include an expanded Medicine section, and a full version of the epic ballad Blind Harry's Wallace, complete with synopsis and additional features.

  • Travels in the UK: Travels in the UK originated in August 2000 as a weekly series of reports based on a personal journal written during a trip to the UK in the summer of 2000. The reports were incorporated into a sister-site of Mostly Medieval in March 2001. Recent additions include expanded photo galleries and an interactive map.

  • The Merkat Cross: The Merkat Cross originated as a section of Mostly Medieval in September 2002. Its purpose is threefold; as a lover of all things medieval, I wanted to share the wealth of research material available through the "Search Inside" feature at with Mostly Medieval's visitors, the visual aspect of the era through's prints and posters, and to help offset the ongoing expenses of domain registration and website hosting.

  • Downloads: The items offered for download at Mostly Medieval are what remains of the previous sister-site, Ars Priscus, which originated in 2002 and was reabsorbed into the main site in 2007. The most popular items have been retained and new items, such as a broader selection of Desktop Wallpapers, have been added.

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