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Historic Counties of England Avatars

100 x 100 pixel avatars/icons representing the historic counties of England. Forty pairs, with and without text.

Please note: Images in the Downloads section of Mostly Medieval are free for personal non-commercial use, however permission is not given to include the images in other collections or archives; do not modify or claim as your own. Redistribution of any image found at this web site, in any format, is prohibited.

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Credits: Most of the images used for these icons have been released into the public domain by the photographers, or are in the public domain due to their age. There are a few, however, that were made available under the Creative Commons attribution license, in which the photographer asks for credit when used: C. Hoyle - Kent, Arne Koehler - Suffolk, Chris Nyborg - Warwickshire, Immanuel Giel - Yorkshire, Douglas Gimmel - Westmorland, P. Charpiat - Somerset. Ian Britton of FreeFoto.com for Cornwall, Cumbria and Oxfordshire, and Susan Wallace for Northumberland.