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Arthurian Study

King Arthur, the Knights of the Round Table, the Holy Grail and related subjects. Cover art may vary.

  • King Arthur: In Legend and HistoryKing Arthur: In Legend and History
    Richard White

    Bringing together an extensive range of diverse material from Latin, Welsh, English, French and German literature, this anthology reveals how the Arthurian legend developed over a period of more than five hundred years. Includes a chronology of key Arthurian texts, an appendix of the Arthurian Courts, a list of sources, suggestions for further reading and bibliography.

    Paperback: 604 pages

  • The Discovery of King ArthurThe Discovery of King Arthur
    Geoffrey Ashe

    Scholars, students, and general readers of all ages have wondered – for centuries – about whether Britain was ever really ruled by an Arthur who held court at a place called Camelot. In this book, convincing proof is offered that King Arthur not only existed, but was more like the Arthur of legend than historians have previously suspected. Drawing upon sources both literary and historical, Ashe traces the legend of King Arthur to its roots in the twelfth-century chronicles of Geoffrey of Monmouth. He then illustrates that a great deal of Geoffrey's history, which set out to depict events and persons of fifth-century Britain, was based on fact.

    Paperback: 256 pages

  • Arthur's Britain: History and ArchaeologyArthur's Britain: History and Archaeology
    Leslie Alcock

    Drawing on evidence from written and archaeological sources, the author, who directed the famous excavation at Cadbury Castle in Somerset, England, sifts history from fiction to take readers back to life between the fourth and seventh centuries. He also provides fascinating detail on how the Britons actually lived, fought, dressed and worshipped to uncover the real world and people behind the Arthurian legends.

    Paperback: 496 pages

  • The New Arthurian EncyclopediaThe New Arthurian Encyclopedia
    Norris J. Lacy

    Covering "Arthurians of all periods," its entries range from the earliest written chronicles to contemporary fiction. Of interest to general readers and long-awaited by specialists, this is highly recommended for academic and public libraries. Lavishly illustrated.

    Paperback: 654 pages

  • The Quest for Arthur's BritainThe Quest for Arthur's Britain
    Geoffrey Ashe

    Examines the historical foundations of the Arthurian tradition, and then, in five archaeological chapters, presents the results of excavations to date at Cadbury (reputed site of Camelot), Tintagel, Glastonbury, and lesser known locations.

    Paperback: 238 pages

  • King Arthur, the Dream of a Golden AgeKing Arthur: The Dream of a Golden Age
    Geoffrey Ashe

    An introduction to the Arthurian legends, which traces the historical development of the King Arthur story from its ancient Celtic origins to recent archeological evidence. Includes text and images that reveal parallels of Arthur in other cultures and the in the modern age.

    Paperback: 96 pages

  • Arthurian Legends: An Illustrated AnthologyArthurian Legends: An Illustrated Anthology
    Richard Barber

    For more then eight centuries, poets and writers have been telling stories about King Arthur. From lost legends and scraps of history, from facts and folklore, has been fashioned one of the greatest epics in all literature. This anthology is a celebration of the magical and mysterious world founded on Arthur, of his exploits in literature, of his famed knights and their ladies. All the great Arthurian writers are represented, from France, Germany and England. The text is complemented by a selection of full color illustrations.

    Hardcover: 249 pages

  • Celtic Myth and Arthurian RomanceCeltic Myth and Arthurian Romance
    Roger Loomis

    King Arthur was not an Englishman, but a Celtic warrior, according to Loomis, whose research into the background of the Arthurian legend and its ties to Irish and Welsh mythology reveals findings which are both illuminating and controversial.

    Paperback: 371 pages

  • The Illustrated Encyclopedia of Arthurian LegendsThe Illustrated Encyclopedia of Arthurian Legends
    Ronan Coghlan

    A-Z encyclopedia of the people, places, events, and artifacts pertaining to the various derivations of the Arthurian legends. Lavishly illustrated with family trees, facsimiles of medieval illumination, photographs of historical sites and Pre-Raphaelite reproductions.

    Paperback: 256 pages

  • King of the Celts: Arthurian Legends and Celtic TraditionKing of the Celts: Arthurian Legends and Celtic Tradition
    Jean Markale

    This survey of Arthurian legendry in Celtic history purports that through such Celtic notions of kingship, especially the king's obligation to the people, his role was clarified as more than one of personal gain or divine right. For serious students of Arthurian legends and history.

    Paperback: 320 pages

  • Paganism in Arthurian RomancePaganism in Arthurian Romance
    John Darrah

    Study of Arthurian Britain, as portrayed in the romances, and its thematic relationship to ancient pagan religion, found both in Arthurian heroes who have inherited the attributes of gods, and in episodes which reflect ancient religious rituals, standing stones and pagan sites.

    Paperback: 320 pages

  • The Arthurian Name DictionaryThe Arthurian Name Dictionary
    Christopher W. Bruce

    Comprehensive encyclopedia of over 5,000 characters, places, objects, and themes found in the legends of King Arthur, drawn from all significant Arthurian sources between Gildas's De Excidio Britanniae, the first "Arthurian" source, written c. 540, and Tennyson's nineteenth-century Idylls of the King, which began the modern era of Arthurian literature.

    Hardcover: 542 pages