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Fabulous Beasts

Fabulous beasts in medieval folklore, legend and myth. Cover art may vary.

  • The Book of BeastsThe Book of Beasts
    T.H. White

    A revealing look at how people in the Middle Ages viewed the natural world around them; the only English translation of a 12th century bestiary. Manticores, dragons, griffins and other fabulous creatures are included in addition to a multitude of real mammals, birds and fish. 128 black-and-white illustrations.

    Paperback: 296 pages

  • Giants, Monsters and DragonsGiants, Monsters and Dragons: An Encyclopedia
    Carol Rose

    An alphabetical listing of mythical monsters from a broad range of eras, locations and cultures: Celtic, Hindu, Navajo, Scandinavian, Russian, Aztec and more. Entries give basic descriptions of each creature as well as its activities, culture, and historical period. Cross-referenced regionally.

    Paperback: 416 pages

  • Spirits, Fairies, Leprechauns and GoblinsSpirits, Fairies, Leprechauns and Goblins: An Encyclopedia
    Carol Rose

    Companion book to Giants, Monsters and Dragons, this volume examines, in more than 2,000 alphabetically arranged entries, human-like mythical creatures from angels and demons, to elves and fairies, to many other strange beings around the world.

    Paperback: 369 pages

  • The World Guide to Gnomes, Fairies, Elves & Other Little PeopleThe World Guide to Gnomes, Fairies, Elves & Other Little People
    Thomas Keightley

    A fascinating compendium of folklore, superstitions, and mythology surrounding the 'little people', including discussions of fairy tradition as it appears in great works of English literature.

    Hardcover: 608 pages

  • BestiaryBestiary
    Richard Barber

    A reproduction of the Bodleian Bestiary – produced around the middle of the thirteenth century – with translations from the original Latin text and facsimile illuminations, in their original size and location relative to the text.

    Paperback: 208 pages

  • The Book of Fabulous BeastsThe Book of Fabulous Beasts
    Joseph Nigg

    A comprehensive collection of essays and other writings about mythic creatures, arranged chronologically. Includes medieval bestiaries and beasts in heraldry.

    Hardcover: 432 pages

  • Wonder BeastsWonder Beasts
    Joseph Nigg

    Concise information on several legendary beasts – the Phoenix, the Griffin, the Unicorn, and the Dragon – from their origins to the forms they take in different cultures. Features excerpts from classic texts and modern tales.

    Hardcover: 160 pages

  • Lore of the UnicornLore of the Unicorn
    Odell Shepard

    Fascinating, delightfully readable book traces the development of various aspects of the unicorn legend in mythology, folklore, magic, medicine, literature, art and commerce. Text enhanced with 28 carefully selected illustrations.

    Paperback: 336 pages

  • Curious Woodcuts of Fanciful and Real BeastsCurious Woodcuts of Fanciful and Real Beasts
    Konrad Gesner

    190 creatures depicted in this volume were drawn from medieval bestiaries, religious allegories, and exaggerated description by sailors and explorers as well as from scientific accounts and empiric observation.

    Paperback: 111 pages

  • Treasury of Fantastic and Mythological CreaturesTreasury of Fantastic and Mythological Creatures
    Richard Huber

    Vast compilation of copyright-free images from many cultures and eras – from prehistoric rock paintings to Max Ernst, from the masks of black Africa to the gargoyles of Notre Dame. 1,087 renderings from historic sources. A volume from the Dover Pictorial Archive Series.

    Paperback: 160 pages

  • Dragons and UnicornsDragons and Unicorns: A Natural History
    Paul & Karin Johnsgard

    From the evolution and anatomy of dragons and unicorns to their own special skills (fire-breathing in dragons, reliable virgin detection in unicorns), this unique book of whimsical zoology, complete with drawings, will delight and enchant any modern reader.

    Paperback: 176 pages

  • The Book of Dragons and Other Mythical BeastsThe Book of Dragons and Other Mythical Beasts
    Joseph Nigg

    The unnatural history of creatures that never existed outside our own imagination. Brings to life with vivid description and illustration over fifty of the most fascinating and awesome mythical beasts. Over 130 illustrations, all in color.

    Hardcover: 128 pages

  • The Book of FaeriesThe Book of Faeries
    Francis Melville

    Descriptions of more than 50 types of faery from all over the world, with their folklore, characteristics, and attributes explained. More than 130 enchanting, full-color illustrations.

    Hardcover: 128 pages