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Activities and Crafts

Activities and crafts relating to the medieval era for all ages – from reusable stickers of castles and unicorns for toddlers, to castle models and other activities for pre-teens, to intricate Celtic drawing, calligraphy, needlework and more for teens and adults. Cover art may vary.

  • Castles Sticker StoriesCastles Sticker Stories
    Richard Kolding

    With 75 full-color reusable stickers, inviting scenes to decorate, and appealing, high-interest subjects, it's no wonder kids are stuck on Sticker Stories. Includes knights in shining armor, dragons, enchanted forests, dancing bears and more. For ages: Pre-school +

    Paperback: 16 pages

  • The Land of Unicorns Sticker StoriesThe Land of Unicorns Sticker Stories
    Nancy Carpenter

    75 full-color reusable stickers of unicorns, princesses, flowers, rainbows, butterflies and more. For ages: Pre-school +

    Paperback: 16 pages

  • Medieval Knights Paper SoldiersMedieval Knights Paper Soldiers
    A.G. Smith

    Simple instructions and easy-to-follow diagrams for setting up 22 free-standing two-sided figures, including images of Charles V, Dauphin of France (1356); Edward, the Black Prince (1356); a 14th-century longbowman and 19 others. For ages: 7 +

    Paperback: 16 pages

  • Cut and Make a Knight's HelmetCut and Make a Knight's Helmet
    A.G. Smith

    Only scissors and glue are needed to assemble this authentic, full-size, silver-and-gold replica of an armet, a type of closed-visor helmet worn in the late Middle Ages. Ideal for school plays, costume parties, Halloween, more. Clear instructions, with diagrams, make assembly easy. For ages: 9 +

    Paperback: 16 pages

  • Cut and Make a Knight in ArmorCut and Make a Knight in Armor
    A.G. Smith

    Handsome, authentic full-color reproduction of full suit of armor worn by King Henry V of England, ca. 1415. Helmet, decorated breast- and backplates; hand, thigh, leg and foot coverings; shield and sword, more. Diagrams, step-by-step instructions let hobbyists of all ages assemble this accurately detailed 13 1/2"-high model. For ages: 9 +

    Paperback: 16 pages

  • Easy-to-Make CastleEasy-to-Make Castle
    A.G. Smith

    Educational, inexpensive, fun-filled learning aid for children. Full-color three-dimensional model of a medieval castle comes complete with walls, towers, gate house, great hall, kitchen, drawbridge, other features, plus 10 armored knights ready for battle. Simple instructions, easy-to-follow diagrams enable youngsters to assemble their very own castle. For ages: 9 +

    Paperback: 16 pages

  • Knights and CastlesKnights and Castles:
    50 Hands-On Activities to Experience the Middle Ages

    Avery Hart

    Activities and crafts that are representative of medieval life, including creating an hour glass, a catapult, a coat of arms, and a code of honor. For ages: 9-12

    Paperback: 96 pages

  • Days of Knights and DamselsDays of Knights and Damsels: An Activity Guide
    Laurie Carlson

    More than 100 illustrated crafts, projects, and games help recreate the culture and world of the Middle Ages, when books were handmade and read by candlelight, sundials told the hour, and going barefoot was illegal. For ages: 9-12

    Paperback: 174 pages

  • How to Draw Knights, Kings, Queens and DragonsHow to Draw Knights, Kings, Queens and Dragons
    Christopher Hart

    Travel back in time as you learn to draw your favorite medieval characters, from brave knights and fire-breathing dragons to noble queens and magical wizards. Along the way, you'll also learn important drawing skills, like how to build figures using simple shapes. For ages: 9 +

    Paperback: 64 pages

  • Design Your Own Coat of ArmsDesign Your Own Coat of Arms
    Rosemary A. Chorzempa

    Design your own personal coat of arms. Detailed, easy-to-follow instructions make it easy even for beginners to fashion emblems that reflect family origins, traits and accomplishments. Decorate plates, mugs and stationary or create wallhangings, sew-on patches, T-shirt decals, pin-on badges and much more. Ages: 9 +

  • Celtic Design: A Beginner's ManualCeltic Design: A Beginner's Manual
    Aidan Meehan

    A clear explanation of both freehand and canonical geometric methods and detailed instruction on how to draw and decorate letters in an authentic Celtic style, as well as how to create your own illuminated manuscript pages with the help of an appendix of tools and techniques. For ages: Teen/Adult

    Paperback: 160 pages

  • Celtic AlphabetsCeltic Alphabets
    Aidan Meehan

    Collection of 16 complete alphabets, including knotwork, animal and plant forms, spirals and human figures. From seventh-century spirals to twelfth-century leonine dragons, from early uncials decorated with bird heads to modern capitals laced with Celtic eel knots, over five hundred drawings cover the whole spectrum of Celtic ornament in its most useful form. For ages: Teen/Adult

    Paperback: 96 pages

  • Celtic BordersCeltic Borders
    Aidan Meehan

    How to create a variety of rectangular Celtic borders, based upon a simple square-grid. The borders are proportioned to fit a standard letter-size page, but are equally suited for stationery or illuminated pages, and are readily adaptable to any number of craft applications. For ages: Teen/Adult

    Paperback: 96 pages

  • Calligraphy and Illumination: A History and Practical GuideCalligraphy and Illumination: A History and Practical Guide
    Patricia Lovett

    Step-by-step directions provide ideas for creating letter shapes and page layouts, and instructions on how to design and paint a coat of arms. Exquisite illuminated manuscripts from the British Library and other sources illustrate the text, and a detailed reference section provides help in selecting papers and brushes, mixing colors, and preparing and stretching vellum. For ages: Teen/Adult

    Hardcover: 320 pages

  • Medieval Calligraphy: Its History and TechniqueMedieval Calligraphy: Its History and Technique
    Mark Drogin

    Comprehensive manual covers 13 important writing styles from the 4th - 15th centuries. Fascinating facts about Roman Rustic, Uncial, Carolingian Minuscule, Early Gothic, 8 other styles; all examples beautifully photographed. Detailed directions for duplicating medieval techniques with modern tools. 232 illustrations. For ages: Teen/Adult

    Paperback: 224 pages

  • Calligraphy of the Middle Ages and How to Do ItCalligraphy of the Middle Ages and How to Do It
    Mark Drogin

    User-friendly instructions from an expert on recreating the 4 major medieval styles (early medieval Roman rustic, early Uncial, Carolingian, and late medieval Gothic textura) come to life with profiles of a figure from each era (Julius Caesar, King Arthur, Charlemagne, Robin Hood). Expert advice on spacing, paragraphing, punctuation, and layout plus suggestions for tools and materials. For ages: Teen/Adult

    Paperback: 96 pages

  • Cross Stitch Myth & MagicCross Stitch Myth & Magic
    David & Charles

    Unique collection of fables and legends from around the world contains over 70 magical cross stitch designs by nine talented artists. Each project includes easy-to-follow instructions and full-color cross stitch charts, perfect for both beginning and experienced stitchers. For ages: Teen/Adult

    Hardcover: 112 pages

  • Celtic Art In Cross StitchCeltic Art In Cross Stitch
    Barbara Hammet

    A series of re-workings of the classical Celtic swirling shapes and sinuous forms that are at once both modern and timeless. Projects include pin cushions, needle cases, bookmarks, box lids, cushions, table cloths, place mats, and more. Patterns to suit every level of skill, plus a motif library to provide plenty of inspiration for further projects. For ages: Teen/Adult

    Hardcover: 112 pages

  • Fantasy CollectionFantasy Collection (Cross Stitch)
    Teresa Wentzler

    Stunningly complex, intricate, and challenging – with heavy use of blended colors and quarter stitches. Designs in this book include ladies in flowing gowns, a carousel, castles (including the cover image of a dragon surrounding a castle), Pegasus and unicorns. For ages: Teen/Adult

    Paperback: 96 pages

  • Medieval Tailor's Assistant: Making Common Garments 1200-1500Medieval Tailor's Assistant: Making Common Garments 1200-1500
    Sarah Thursfield

    Over 400 illustrations of medieval clothing, and 121 patterns for shirts and smocks, cotes, doublets, kirtles, hose, surcotes, cotehardies, gowns, overkirtles, cloaks, children's clothing, headwear, and accessories. Included are basic patterns supplies cutting layouts and pattern drafting methods. For ages: Teen/Adult

    Paperback: 224 pages

  • The Medieval Wedding GuideThe Medieval Wedding Guide (CD-ROM)
    Vanessa Hand

    Covers budget planning, historical research and ideas for the ceremony, recipes, invitations, hiring musicians, flowers, rings, apparel for the bride, groom, and attendants and much more. Includes a planning calendar. For ages: Teen/Adult


  • Fantasy and Medieval Mosaics for the Scroll SawFantasy and Medieval Mosaics for the Scroll Saw
    Frank Droege

    Medieval castles, armored knights, dragons, and crests are among the scroll saw projects included in this pattern-filled book. Beginner or intermediate scrollers can simplify or complicate the projects by deleting or adding pattern lines. For ages: Teen/Adult

    Paperback: 72 pages