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General Medieval Study

Middle Ages history books including life in castles, towns, and cities, technology, work and more. Cover art may vary.

  • Encyclopedia of the Middle AgesEncyclopedia of the Middle Ages
    Norman F. Cantor

    Heavily illustrated guide of events, people, places, and things of the Middle Ages. Covers leaders and politics, exploration and wars, religious movements, banking, commerce, and more. 600 individual entries and over 200 illustrations from world-famous collections.

    Paperback: 448 pages

  • The Medieval FortressThe Medieval Fortress
    Joseph Kaufmann

    The origins and evolution of castles and other walled defenses, their major components, and the reasons for their eventual decline. Over 200 photos and 300 detailed technical drawings.

    Hardcover: 320 pages

  • Life in a Medieval CastleLife in a Medieval Castle
    Joseph and Frances Gies

    Centering around Chepstow, a fortress on the Welsh border, this book delves deep into the daily lives of both the typical medieval Lord and Lady, as well as the castle household. Includes chapters on the castle in times of peace and war, a glossary of common terms and a geographical guide of great medieval castles.

    Paperback: 288 pages

  • Encyclopedia of Anglo-Saxon EnglandEncyclopedia of Anglo-Saxon England
    Michael Lapidge

    Several hundred articles by 150 contributors describing the people, places, activities and creations of the Anglo-Saxons. Covers the history, archaeology, arts, architecture, literatures and languages of England from the Roman withdrawal to the Norman Conquest, c. 450 - 1066.

    Paperback: 560 pages

  • Medieval Britain: Age of ChivalryMedieval Britain: Age of Chivalry
    Lloyd and Jennifer Laing

    Comprehensive exploration of the Middle Ages in Britain, covering society, castle, country life, trade, the church, superstition, and leisure. Features exquisite color plates and hundreds of photos of artifacts and buildings.

    Paperback: 224 pages

  • Kings & Queens of England and ScotlandKings & Queens of England and Scotland
    Plantagenet Somerset Fry

    A reference guide to English and Scottish monarchs. Explores pageantry, public and private lives. Heavily illustrated with photos of artifacts, family trees and portraits.

    Paperback: 96 pages

  • Castles and Ancient Monuments of EnglandCastles and Ancient Monuments of England
    Damien Noonan

    A county by county guide to over 350 historical sites in England.

    Paperback: 256 pages

  • Castles and Ancient Monuments of ScotlandCastles and Ancient Monuments of Scotland
    Damien Noonan

    Over two hundred historic sites in Scotland are described and illustrated with color photography – from stone circles to Celtic brochs to medieval tower houses.

    Paperback: 192 pages

  • The Oxford Illustrated History of Medieval EnglandThe Oxford Illustrated History of Medieval England
    Nigel Saul

    Covers England's social, cultural, political, and religious life, from the Anglo-Saxon period to the Normans to the Black Death. Includes maps, family trees and a 24 page section of color plates.

    Hardcover: 344 pages

  • The Knight and ChivalryThe Knight and Chivalry
    Richard Barber

    Compares the differences between how knights and chivalry are portrayed in literature as opposed to documented historical fact.

    Paperback: 432 pages

  • Gods, Heroes, and Kings: The Battle for Mythic BritainGods, Heroes, & Kings: The Battle for Mythic Britain
    Christopher R. Fee

    Examines Britain's pre-Christian culture and its eventual evolution/absorption into Christianity. Covers Celtic, Germanic, and Norse cultures and religious beliefs in Britain including pagan deities, heroes and heroines, and the legends of the individual cultures.

    Hardcover: 256 pages

  • Cathedral, Forge and WaterwheelCathedral, Forge and Waterwheel:
    Technology and Invention in the Middle Ages

    Frances and Joseph Gies

    An account of Europe's rise to leadership in technology, presented chronologically through the years 500-1500AD. Innovations in agriculture, tools, metallurgy, building construction, navigation, and more. Illustrated with more than 90 photos and drawings.

    Paperback: 368 pages

  • Fast and Feast: Food in Medieval SocietyFast and Feast: Food in Medieval Society
    Bridget Henisch

    Covers banquets, daily meals, laying the table, cooks, kitchens, manners (or lack thereof), customs related to food, and more.

    Paperback: 287 pages

  • Daily Life in the Middle AgesDaily Life in the Middle Ages
    Paul B. Newman

    A detailed account of what life was really like in the Middle Ages. Includes sections on clothing and accessories, arms and armor, food and drink, entertainment, and healing.

    Paperback: 301 pages

  • Ale, Beer, and Brewsters in EnglandAle, Beer, and Brewsters in England
    Judith M. Bennett

    Explores the transition of brewing from a woman's trade during the medieval era to being a trade for men. Examines commercial growth, guild formation, brewing technologies, and regulations through historical documents such as court records and administrative orders.

    Paperback: 280 pages

  • Marriage and the Family in the Middle AgesMarriage and the Family in the Middle Ages
    Frances and Joseph Gies

    Covers marriage and family life among peasants and the aristocracy, arranged marriages, dowries and more. An in-depth look into private life in the Middle Ages.

    Paperback: 320 pages