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Magazines with featured articles about England, Scotland, military history, travel, herbs and more. Subscriptions provided by MAGAZINES.com, the oldest, the largest, and the most dependable magazine subscription service on the Internet.

  • REALM Magazine at Magazines.comREALM Magazine

    REALM is the magazine of Britain's History and Countryside. Each issue gives Anglophiles more full color photographs and features about British life, culture and heritage than any other.

    Realm Magazine at Magazines.com
  • Scotland Magazine at Magazines.comScotland Magazine

    Enjoy the dream, explore the legend and experience the reality. Covering all aspects of contemporary Scottish life, as well as the wonders of Scotland's heritage, you will be amongst the first to discover the trends that will shape the Scotland of tomorrow

    Scotland Magazine at Magazines.com
  • The Highlander at Magazines.comThe Highlander

    Scottish history: 1300-1900. Culture, legends, music, art, clan heritage.

    The Highlander Magazine at Magazines.com
  • British Heritage at Magazines.comBritish Heritage

    Presents information about the British Isles that will entertain and fascinate readers. Each issue explores the history and culture of Britain, uncovers unique events and characters, tours stately homes, palaces and castles, reviews traditional British food and drink and much more!

    British Heritage Magazine at Magazines.com
  • The English Home at Magazines.comThe English Home

    The leading international magazine celebrating English style. Luxurious furnishings, exquisite antiques, stylish interiors, wonderful photography and expert advice from top British designers in every issue. Delight in timeless ideas for an elegant English lifestyle.

    The English Home Magazine at Magazines.com
  • The English Garden at Magazines.comThe English Garden

    The English garden: arguably, the quintessential ideal of every serious gardener. And now, The English Garden – the first and only magazine which does justice to this idyllic tradition. If you love gardening, you shouldn't be without The English Garden.

    The English Garden Magazine at Magazines.com
  • In Britain at Magazines.comIn Britain Magazine

    The official magazine of the British Tourist Authority. Features on everything from Stonehenge to London cabbies to heirs to the throne, castle hotels to country guest houses, pub grub to fashionable cuisine. Great for planning a trip or simply indulging your love for this country.

    In Britain Magazine at Magazines.com
  • Travel + Leisure at Magazines.comTravel + Leisure

    Your guide to the best the world has to offer, near and far – the world's #1 travel magazine.

    Travel + Leisure Magazine at Magazines.com
  • National Geographic Traveler at Magazines.comNational Geographic Traveler

    Discover a wealth of vacation ideas for the U.S., Canada, and overseas destinations. Each issue features superb photography and lively stories, plus a wide range of practical travel advice. This award-winning magazine has everything you need to plan the perfect trip.

    National Geographic Traveler Magazine at Magazines.com
  • National Geographic at Magazines.comNational Geographic

    A monthly publication with occasional special editions, National Geographic provides you with everything you need to know about scenery, history and traveling to all ends of the earth. National Geographic is most well known for its award winning photojournalism.

    National Geographic Magazine at Magazines.com
  • Smithsonian Magazine at Magazines.comSmithsonian Magazine

    One of the world's most honored publications uniquely covers nature, history, science and the arts.

    Smithsonian Magazine at Magazines.com
  • Herb Quarterly at Magazines.comThe Herb Quarterly

    Founded in 1978, The Herb Quarterly brings readers the joy of herbs with each new season. Each issue introduces readers to new herbs and fascinating herbal lore; provides tips on hard to grow varieties and medicinals; showcases gardens from around the world.

    The Herb Quarterly Magazine at Magazines.com
  • Realms of Fantasy at Magazines.comRealms of Fantasy Magazine

    The magazine that covers the full spectrum of fantasy, from Arthurian sagas to the newest heroic conquests, from ancient myths to contemporary fantasy. It also features an art gallery showcasing the work of one of today's top fantasy artists, complete fantasy book reviews and more.

    Realms of Fantasy Magazine at Magazines.com
  • Military History at Magazines.comMilitary History

    Provides the most authoritative, popularly-written, in-depth articles on the history of warfare from ancient times to the 20th century. Readers from serious students of military tactics, strategy, leaders and campaigns to general world history enthusiasts find each issue compelling.

    Military History Magazine at Magazines.com