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UK Travel and British History

Guides, travelogues and historical background for travelers to and aficionados of Great Britain. Cover art may vary.

Great Britain and England | Scotland | Historical Background

  • Discovering Place-Names: The Origins and MeaningsDiscovering Place-Names: The Origins and Meanings
    John Field

    This book explains the meanings of more than 1500 place-names and discusses the techniques by which this information is obtained. Includes names from England, Ireland, Scotland, Wales and the Isle of Man. Features a comprehensive index and a glossary of terms.

    Paperback: 72 pages

  • The Oxford Companion to British HistoryThe Oxford Companion to British History
    John Cannon, Editor

    More than 4,000 entries from 55 B.C. to the present, in an A-Z format, covering more than 2,000 years of British history: social political, military, cultural, economic, scientific and biographical events.

    Paperback: 1056 pages

  • A Traveller's History Of EnglandA Traveller's History Of England
    Christopher Daniell

    This compact volume, written by a British archaeologist and historian, is concise yet delivers a solid, comprehensive and entertaining overview of England's history, including lists of rulers, prime ministers, major battles, historical buildings, a chronology of major events, and more.

    Paperback: 293 pages

  • Scotland: A HistoryScotland: A History
    Jenny Wormald, Editor

    Scottish history ranging from Roman times until the present day: medieval Scotland, to the crisis created by Mary Queen of Scots and the trauma of Reformation, to the reign of James VI and the Union of the Crowns (1603), to the 17th and 18th centuries when the nation became a great force in European literature to the 19th century when the Scottish economy outpaced the rest of Britain, and the turbulent twentieth century, enduring two world wars and a depression, before ending on a high note, with Scotland enjoying its first parliament in three hundred years.

    Paperback: 420 pages

  • A Guide to the Stone CirclesA Guide to the Stone Circles of Britain, Ireland and Brittany
    Aubrey Burl

    Practical and informative guidebook covering over 400 sites. Includes maps, photographs and comprehensive archaeological backgrounds.

    Paperback: 276 pages

  • A History of Roman BritainA History of Roman Britain
    Peter Salway

    Comprehensive account of Roman Britain, from the invasions of Julius Caesar to the unexpected end of Roman rule in the early fifth century AD and the subsequent collapse of society in Britain.

    Paperback: 606 pages

  • Roman Britain: A New HistoryRoman Britain: A New History
    Guy de la Bedoyere

    Authoritative account of the Roman conquest and occupation of Britain, including Romano-British society and how it functioned. Features nearly 300 illustrations and dramatic aerial views of Roman sites.

    Hardcover: 288 pages

  • Hadrian's Wall: An Historic LandscapeHadrian's Wall: An Historic Landscape
    Robert Woodside

    Examines the impact of human activity in the area of the wall, tracing the story from its Roman inception to the present day. The different elements of the wall's construction are considered alongside the role it has played in settlement, agriculture and the local economy.

    Paperback: 160 pages

  • Life and Letters on the Roman Frontier: Vindolanda and Its PeopleLife and Letters on the Roman Frontier: Vindolanda and Its People
    Alan K. Bowman

    Over 300 hundred letters and documents were recently discovered at the fort of Vindolanda, written on wooden tablets which have survived nearly 2,000 years. Painstakingly deciphered by the author, the materials contribute a wealth of evidence for daily life in the Roman Empire. Military documents, letters between officers' wives and a letter from home promising a soldier a package of socks are featured.

    Paperback: 179 pages

  • The Antonine WallThe Antonine Wall
    David J. Breeze

    Examines the enigmatic life of Antoninus Pius, and the reasons for the construction and abandonment of his Wall – the most advanced frontier construction of its time, and definitive evidence of the Romans' time in Scotland.

    Paperback: 244 pages

  • Anglo-Saxon EnglandAnglo-Saxon England
    Frank M. Stenton

    Exploring the development of English society, from the growth of royal power to the establishment of feudalism after the Norman Conquest, this book focuses on the emergence of the earliest English kingdoms and the Anglo-Norman monarchy. Includes description of the Anglo-Saxon church.

    Paperback: 811 pages

  • Medieval England: A Social History 1250-1550Medieval England: A Social History 1250-1550
    P.J.P. Goldberg

    Study of ordinary men and women in medieval England. Covers social hierarchy, household, family, parish and manor, lay and clergy. It also considers the ways in which age, gender, and marital status shaped people's lives.

    Paperback: 320 pages

  • The Steel BonnetsThe Steel Bonnets: Story of the Anglo-Scottish Border Reivers
    George MacDonald Fraser

    Acclaimed definitive history of the outlaws and "Border lords" who reigned and terrorized the contentious frontier between England and Scotland for three hundred years.

    Paperback: 416 pages

  • Kings & Queens of England and ScotlandKings & Queens of England and Scotland
    Plantagenet Somerset Fry

    A reference guide to English and Scottish monarchs. Explores pageantry, public and private lives. Heavily illustrated with photos of artifacts, family trees and portraits.

    Paperback: 96 pages

  • The Kings and Queens of ScotlandThe Kings and Queens of Scotland
    Richard Oram

    Authoritative and accessible illustrated history of the Kings and Queens of Scotland from the earliest Scots and Pictish Kings c.400 through to the Union of the Crowns in 1707.

    Paperback: 240 pages

  • Robert the Bruce: King of ScotsRobert the Bruce: King of Scots
    Ronald McNair Scott

    The life of one of the most remarkable and admirable medieval kings, from young manhood to his death. Explores how Robert the Bruce, supported only by the Scottish church and his band of devoted Highland guerrillas, went from being a hunted fugitive to leading the victory at Bannockburn.

    Hardcover: 528 pages

  • William Wallace: Brave HeartWilliam Wallace: Brave Heart
    James MacKay

    Definitive biography telling the story of a man who, without wealth or noble birth, rose to become Guardian of Scotland. Includes a map of the site of The Battle of Stirling Bridge, a family tree showing the relationship of the claimants to the throne, extensive notes and bibliography.

    Paperback: 288 pages

  • On the Trail of Mary Queen of ScotsOn the Trail of Mary Queen of Scots
    J. Keith Cheetham

    Covers the major events in the turbulent life of Mary Queen of Scots from her birth at Linlithgow Palace to her execution at Fotheringay. Includes maps, line drawings, genealogy of the royal houses of Tudor and Stuart and more. A thorough guide to locales in Scotland, England and France connected with Mary, as well as a detailed guide to the complexities of her public and private lives.

    Paperback: 192 pages

  • The Life of Walter Scott: A Critical BiographyThe Life of Walter Scott: A Critical Biography
    John Sutherland

    Sir Walter Scott – the 'Great Unknown' – has always presented challenges to the biographer. Layers of myth continue to protect him from posterity. There is also the sheer size of Scott's achievements as poet, novelist, man of letters, and self-made Laird of Abbotsford. Sutherland justifies Scott as a writer to be read and understood today as much as in his heyday in the nineteenth century.

    Paperback: 416 pages

  • In Search of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. HydeIn Search of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde
    Raymond T. McNally

    The history of William Deacon Brodie, a successful Edinburgh tradesman who, by night, had a second life as a thief. Includes an exploration of Robert Louis Stevenson's life, and details the effect the story has had on popular culture. Provides travel notes to Edinburgh and Bournemouth sites that pertain to Brodie's tale.

    Hardcover: 281 pages

  • Charles Rennie MackintoshCharles Rennie Mackintosh
    Alan Crawford

    Lauded as a pioneer of the Modern Movement and as a master of Art Nouveau. Architecture, interiors, furniture design, abstract sculpture and watercolors are featured.

    Paperback: 216 pages

  • The Scottish Highland Games in AmericaThe Scottish Highland Games in America
    Emily Ann Donaldson

    The Scottish Highland Games are celebrated in over thirty U.S. states every year. Learn about the caber toss, Highland dancing, piping and drumming, fiddling, and many more competitive and non-competitive events. Also covers the history of the Games and a complete state-by-state listing of the Games and their events.

    Paperback: 288 pages