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Photo Gallery and Photography Notes

Each of the galleries listed below will open to a gallery of the shots for each locale. Some of these shots are not very good – due to circumstances discussed in the Photography Notes – and I debated on included them, but decided that for the dreamers among us a general idea of how something looked was better than nothing at all.

NOTE: Reproduction of photographs in these galleries by any means, including derivative art and artistic rendering, is prohibited. The use of any photograph in this gallery, for any purpose, requires permission from the Webmaster.

Photography Notes

The only regrets I have about my trip all involve photography. I wish that I'd purchased a new camera body before leaving, to replace my beloved fifteen year old Canon T-50 that gasped and gave up on the lawn fronting Traquair House in Scotland. Left with no choice but to buy a camera in Scotland, yet not having included it in the budget for my trip, I settled on a Minolta RivaAF with a built-in 70MM zoom lens. I then proceeded to take pictures of my finger everywhere I went, as I adjusted to my new camera.

In an attempt to stay within the overall budget I set for my trip, I purchased two dozen rolls of ASA 200-24 film to take with me, as opposed to the ASA 400-24 I ordinarily would have purchased. This made for some very difficult shots on cloudy days and in shady places. Difficult – and sometimes impossible.

I didn't realize until I was making up this gallery that I took very few long shots that give an overall view of how many places look. I tended to focus on specific architectural features. I've also discovered that I have a hitherto unknown affinity for windows and doors. In some places, such as Durham, Vindolanda and Edinburgh among others, I was so caught up in seeing what there was to see that I left my camera in the car. A regret.