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Observations, Impressions, Digressions

A chronological list of sites visited in northern England and southern Scotland from June 20 through July 5. Click the England or Scotland links in the navigation to the left for a categorized listing (i.e., castles, monuments, etc.) of sites visited.

Tuesday, June 20: Departures and Arrivals Wednesday, June 21: The Longest Day of the Year Thursday, June 22: Fairytales Can Come True Friday, June 23: A Room With a View Saturday, June 24: The Birds and the B's Sunday, June 25: The Long and Winding Road Monday, June 26: A Day for a Daydream Tuesday, June 27: A Castle of Kings Wednesday, June 28: Maybe I'm A-mazed Thursday, June 29: That Old Time Religion Friday, June 30: Deep in the Heart of Scotland Saturday, July 1: Day of the Midges Sunday, July 2: Extracurricular Activities Monday, July 3: Summer in the City July 4 and 5: Where Any Two Roads Cross March 5