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This is the text-only/accessible version of Travels in the UK.

Welcome to Travels in the UK, a travelogue of a two week journey through northern England and southern Scotland in the summer of 2000. The material within these pages is based on a journal maintained throughout the course of my trip.

From the hustle and bustle of the international airport in Manchester, England to a quest for an elusive stone circle amid the sweeping green hills that border the Highlands near Perth Scotland, it is an expedition filled with castles, cathedrals and countryside as my two travel companions and I set out to create a perfectly proper holiday.

I hope you will enjoy a virtual visit to the UK via this site, if only a fraction as much as I enjoyed the actual one.

A navigation menu appears on each page; an alternate means of navigating to the main sections is with access keys.

From this site, you may also access the text-only version of Travels in the UK's sister-sites: Exploring the Middle Ages and The Merkat Cross.

This is the text-only version of Travels in the UK. To visit the mirror-site, which uses Java scripts and graphics, go to: www.mostly-medieval.com/travels/index.htm.

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